Fueling Up For a Good Hike

Fueling Up For a Good Hike

Ok guys…so I just assumed since I was able to run half marathons that hiking would be a piece of cake.  Wow…was I wrong! My first mistake was thinking that my energy goo was enough to get me through the entire hike.  I usually take down two of those goo packets for each half marathon which is usually more than enough to give me that boost to the finish line.  You can imagine the fear in my boyfriend’s eyes when I told him that was all I was going to pack for our first hike.  I guess I didn’t realize the intensity of the activity we were about to do.  Hiking involves a never ending ascent up an uneven surface that challenges your cardio ability more than anything I have ever encountered…and yes…I’m a Crossfit and running connoisseur so I know challenging cardio! Lets not forget coming down.  Your legs are shot and feel like jello and somehow you’re supposed to run down what you just barely managed to climb?  Let me tell you, two goo packets were not enough to keep me going!

Now I have been out quite a few times and realize that constant fuel, and the right fuel, are essential to get you to where you want to go effectively.  I found this article very helpful and easy to understand for hiking nutrition.  I hope this can be of help to many of you as the weather starts to get nice and we all start to become weekend warriors!!!

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